Where I've Traveled:

Sometimes when I am thinking of going for a vacation to a particular destination, I just wish that there was a real life human person I could talk to about what their experience there was like. Yes we have google now and all these other websites we can use, which I do use, but sometimes I just wish there was someone there or someone who has been there that I could connect with and pick their brains. So I've decided to put together a list of places that I've been to, and be that someone for someone else. So here is a list of all the places that I've visited, please feel free to reach out to me at anytime and chat about any of these destinations if you are thinking of spending your vacation here.
(list incomplete : working on it between my baby naps lol)

Guyana: Born and raised here, and visited 3 times after migrating to Canada as a tourist.

Suriname neighbors Guyana where I grew up. I still day dream about the food I've had here.

Trinidad and Tobago (Been to Trinidad three times, Tobago once)

Puerto Rico:

St. Thomas (Part of the British Virgin Islands)

St. Marten

Grand Turks (Been here twice )


Mexico: (Cancun & Costa Maya)



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