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Booking your vacation with an experience travel agent gives you access to a wealth of information. Your travel agent will usually do a lot of the leg work for you. I have complied a list of the essential links that I use when booking vacations for my clients and a few that you will need on your own as well. I will update this list often as I come across important websites. 

1. Travel advisory
For all Canadian Travelers it is essential to check your destination if there is any advisory from the Canadian Government, with the website below you are able to search by destination and also access health advisory for your destination:

2. Register your vacation or visit abroad
None of us like to think of bad things that could happen when we are going vacation, but Godforbid should anything does come up while you are away, if you took just a couple mins prevacation and registered yourself and your family, it would be a big help and you will thank yourself. I always register myself, even for weekend getaways to the U.S.

3. Tico
In Ontario Travel Agents must be licensed to sell travel, Registered TICO agencies and websites provide additional consumer protection that may not be available when booking with agencies based in other countries or provinces. A few these protections include the compensation fund, travel complaint resolution, education standards, and set financial requirements for travel agencies.. So be sure to check their site for to make sure your agent is registered, and for other travel tips and news in the travel industry

4. Viator
Viator is my number one favorite website to research excursions for my vacation destination, even if I don't book something I still like to know prices, because when I get there if someone there is offering some special deal, I know before hand what prices are so I know if am getting a good deal.
Here is a tidbit about Viator, copied from their website:

Viator makes it simple for travelers to find exactly what they want to do. With direct access to more than 200,000 bookable activities, travelers can easily discover and book incredible experiences. Optimized for mobile booking, Viator lets travelers plan in advance or book on-the-go to skip long lines and sold-out signs. We also feature:
24-hour cancellation policy
The lowest price guarantee
Millions of customer reviews
24/7 multilingual customer care

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