No travel for me in 2020.... but its for a good reason!

My goal this year is to have another little Nandkisseur added to the family. (Yep I did not take the hubster last name, not because I like to defy traditions, because I do, but because it's too much paperwork and also I love my last name.) So God willing if that happens anytime soon I will not be travelling anywhere this year, unless I can get there by car.

I know, I know its safe to travel by plane while pregnant and millions of people do. But it's just my personal preference. I have been through a lot in 2019 with loosing loved ones, and so if I do get pregnant I want to focus 100% on being healthy and have an easy as possible and stress free pregnancy

I was talking to a dear friend and she mentioned to me something I knew but had not really realized it as the truth until she said it. She said to me "Girl my heart aches for you, I don't know a time in your life when you have not been stressed out due to some family affairs" and I told her I know I should write a book on my life. And she replied "No, no, no please don't! It would be too stressful to read that book!" Which made me laugh so much!

But wow it does feel like a weight has been lifted from me. For the first time in my life this is the least stressed my life has ever been. I mean up until I was 19 years old when I lived with my dad, I battled with depression and his constant verbal abuse, which he does not see as verbal abuse just as him parenting and then from when I was 8yrs old to 2019 I have dealt with being both a parent to my mom as her caretaker and then for a long time took care of my siblings too.

Finally it just dawned me for the first time ever my life is just me, my baby and hubster now, and I can work on having another little one added to our family. Mom is in a long term care home now and is being well taken care of, it's hard not having her here, but I am slowly trying to accept that it is what it is with her.

Its a bit daunting thinking of no travel for 2020, but thankfully there is a ton to do in Toronto. I will try to post more pics, and you can always follow me on social media to see more!.

Its a new year! What are you working towards 2020? Comment below and let me know!
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