Is your dream vacation really your dream vacation?

I read a quote recently "Just because your neighbor liked their trip, doesn't mean that you will!-unknown" And it has me thinking, have you ever went on a vacation, and stayed at a resort, had an epic time, came back home and read the reviews and see that some people had a crappy time, and wonder how? I do all the time, but just realizing yes life attitude has a lot do with it, but also so does expectations.

Yes you may what to go see the Great Taj Mahal, and all the travel guides and vacation brochure has the pictures like above, but reality is when you get there it may be crowded, line ups, loud noises. Yes you may want to go see the great pyramids of Egypt, but then you get there and realize how much you hate the heat and dealing with sand.

When planning your vacation, using a travel agent gives you a access to a wealth of information that you may not have even thought about.

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