"Hassle free cruising through airport security"

In case you didn't notice, or you're not sure why I have a scarf on, yes I am Muslim, Islam is my religion. There are huge misconceptions about Islam, and just like every other religion there is many different sects. Islamophobia is a real thing. I have been a target of racial slurs, mistreated, judged, etc. But I am strong believer that people just act this way out of fear and educated people are aware that not every Muslim is a terrorist. There is 1.8 billion Muslims around the world and majority are normal everyday people like myself, trying to make a living, worrying about what to cook for dinner today, sitting binge watching one tv show or the other, and have better things to do than worry about what religion other people choose to be or not.

Anyways why I am talking about that, because you see it all the time on the news about people complaining about being a target when going through security.

Anyways when it comes to political issues I am a pacifist and keep away, so this post is solely about my feelings and how I proceed. I honestly feel like if you behave like a target when you are going through security you will be a target. I have traveled countless times, with zero incidents. I hear horror stories all the time about people who felt victimized and violated. For me, if Airport security wants to strip search me:

A. I will have a cool story to talk about after.
B. I will feel a whole lot safer going on that flight knowing that they are doing their jobs.
C. I know its no more fun for them than it is for me.
D. If I have nothing to hide, I have nothing worry about and I know its not personal or about me.

I could go on and on, and while I have been treated bad before because I am a Muslim, I have had people refuse to talk to me or help me in stores because I am a Muslim. But never had I had bad incidents going through airport security and I have never felt like a target. So yeah if I am a Muslim and never had any incidents, a little preparedness can insure that you will get to cruise through airport security too.

Life is all about attitude, when I travel I always have my things organized as in the above picture, so that way I am not confused or upset when time comes to clear security. I always arrive early at the airport, so should anything come up I have lots of time. I am always co-operative and positive and expect the best outcome. People feed off your energy so if you are grumpy or upset about something, at the end of the day the officers are humans too, they will feed off of you and react to you the feelings you are projecting.

What have been your experiences going through Airport security? Do you agree with me or do you disagree? Comment below and let me know, or reach out to me via social media!

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