Who am I?

Hi everyone and welcome to my Travel Diary, I gotta be upfront with you though, its not always gonna be about all things travel, but hopefully you will find those posts interesting too.

Those of you who know me, may remember my old blog that I started on MSN when I was 16 and got access to a computer, I later on migrated to blogger.com when I was 19 and so I am a longtime fan of blogger.com, this is why I've decided to start up back blogging right here with blogger.com.

For those of you who don't know me, who am I? Well I admire people who know exactly who they are, you can usually tell too by the way they use their name, there is no stutter or anything. I am not that confident or sure of myself yet, but working towards that. Even though I took down my personal blog a few years ago, I still kept all the posts and comments. So I dug back up that first post that I posted about Who Am I and this is when I was 19 and still very much a child at heart so laugh if you must... Here it is:

" Who am I? Well I am forever changing, today I am 19 tomorrow I'll be 20. Somedays I am happy and somedays I am sad. Today I may like blue, and tomorrow I may like you. My stomach controls my heart, which controls my brain...So I am never responsible for what I do... I dont like judging people, I just judge what they do (Common am only human) The things that interest you may not interest me, I am not into movies, or film stars. Or news. I love God, some of my family, and my friends. My husband, well you know how it goes some day you can just shower your love on them till you kill them, then some day you just want to kill them. I am also into books, music, and cartoons... My blog is all about how I feel about things that I come across in life, I was never good at remembering dates, but memories will forever remain in my heart. If you are offended by my thoughts, I am sorry..."

Gosh without revealing my age, some 10ish years later, not much has changed from that description, except I am now a mom, so I try to adult most days, my every single thought and action everyday usually takes into account how is this gonna affect my son. I still try not to take life too seriously. I've various customer service jobs in the corporate world, but I wouldn't call none of it a career. Recently traveling has kinda become my addiction, I am obsessed with all things travel, and I slowly found myself gravitating towards a career in Travel, I now work as a travel agent/travel consultant from home. Hmmm oh and I am also told often that I overshare, so there may be a few TMI posts.

I am looking forward to sharing my travel stories with you all, share all my travel tips, hacks and deals. And I am looking forward to meeting and making some new and amazing friends, and hearing all about your travel tips, secrets and hacks. So until my next post. Peace and love to all....

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