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Back to Aruba, so some people, or maybe most people go on vacation to relax, I don't know how to relax when I go on vacation. My perfect/dream vacation would be like this: Wake up everyday @Sunrise, see the Sunrise on a beach preferably, have breakfast latest by 7am, get out of resort/cruise ship and onto activities, activities, activities, meet people, eat lots of snacks, have lunch, more activities, more meeting people, more snacks, activities, then dinner @Sunset, preferably at a restaurant by the beach or ocean, star gazing, deep long conversations, retire to bed anytime after 10pm is okay, but if something comes up anytime is good.

My husband's idea of a perfect vacation: Make it to the plane before they close the door, get to the hotel room, close curtains, befriend the bed, and leave his body imprint on it before his 7 days of vacation is up. Wake up when his stomach is on the verge of digesting itself from being ignored or fed. Eat whatever meal is available at that time of the day, head back to bed.

Um so yeah we usually have to compromise a lot. Anyways Dears, I spent all day doing various courses and Webinars, making sure am informed and update about all things travel to be able to service my clients best and am having a brain freeze from information overload. So just gonna leave you with some pics of Philips Farm in Aruba, that's the second thing we did while in Aruba.

Visit Viator to view the list of different excursions/activities that would take you here. (If you make a purchase through this link I do earn a commission and it costs you nothing more.)

I would really love to connect, please comment and let me know if you have been to Aruba before, or would like to go? Do you hate seeing birds in cages as much as I do? I posted a pic here of a maccaw/parrot in a cage, it still breaks my heart up to now looking back at this pic. I hope one day it becomes illegal to have birds in cages. I have to go before dwelling on this too much keep me up tonight. Peace and love to all

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