Confession time: Never touched a dog before..

I grew up in a country where most people who have dogs have them for the purposes of being a guard dog, and there is also a whole lot of stray dogs/wild dogs. If you leave your home after dark you are guaranteed to be chased by a pack of stray dogs. And the main highway road kill is usually dogs.

One memory that always stuck with me was this time that my cousin and I lost track of time and had to walk back home in the dark. In those times it was really rare for a girl to be out after dark without an escort, I think I was about maybe 8 years old, it was then that my cousin taught me that whenever I am approached by a pack of dogs I should stand very still, and not to show fear or feel scared, never run and let them sniff me and they will be on their way and if that doesn't work to stand tall and shout at them and throw a stone or anything or even pretend to be throwing stuff at them and they will run away.

Most of my memories of dogs, are of them snarling, barking or running after me if I am riding a bicycle. Don't get me wrong I mean there are people in Guyana who love dogs and have them as pet, but its like two separate world. It's just like how people fear other people with different cultures, I don't know dogs, never touched a dog, never been around one, for me dogs are a whole different scary world. I do not understand them. I mean I have a cat and she bites me so often, I don't know how to trust that dogs don't bite.
This is my boss cat, she never meows for anything. When she is hungry and her food bowl is empty she prances up to the sofa where I am usually sitting working and jumps up and bites me, and bites me, even if I push her away, she will jump back up and keep biting me until I get up and go fill her food bowl. She will come to me for tummy rubs, and back rubs and purrrr and be the happiest sweetest cat ever, and as soon as she is fed up with me she turns, like in those vampire diaries movie, where the guy changes from human to vampire and you can see the change in their eyes, it happens with her, her eyes suddenly change and then I know that's it my hands are gonna be bleeding now.

So I don't know I have been trying to talk myself out of my fear of dogs, which has bigger sharper teeth, but just thinking of it my hearth starts palpitating and I don't know I can't see myself trusting a dog enough to get my hands close enough to touch it without reacting in fear. Maybe 2020 I will overcome this fear? I don't know how to go about it, I have to look up if there is a class or something. The above pictures of the dogs where taken in Trinidad on the beach, I was ok with these dogs approaching close, because I had food to offer them. And they where very chill. But when I see an excited dog and am walking on the road, I cross the road or stand still in a corner off the side walk until it passes by.

So dog lovers out there anyone want to volunteer their dog and time and help me cover come this fear of dogs?

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