All about food on the ship

Woah so I just realized looking at some pics that our ship was Carnival Conquest, not the Carnival Magic, we went on the Magic the year before baby came. And then Conquest the year after he came.
I use to take a lot more pics before baby, but with him and me being his primary caretaker, (Yeah I did not do the 50/50 split with the hubster when it came to his care) its challenging to get pics in while tending to him.

Carnival may not be considered a luxury cruise ship, but their meals are definitely above average, and they do go all out into decor and presentation. Being an avid Foodie Traveler, I  personally have never had any complaints myself, and have always found their food delicious and satisfying. Because we are Muslim, we can only have the seafood options since there is no halal meal option, and so we try to cruise on ships that have the Seafood Shack, it cost extra, but we try to have lunch their at least once.

I have never had chocolate lava cake like the Molten Chocolate cake on Carnival, their recipe is available on their website, but I am not much of a cook, I am drooling right now remembering it, but its not enough motivation to get cooking lol.

I have to go guys, but I want to know if you are a big foodie traveler and a cruiser, which is your favorite cruise line based on the food? And guys I know it's usually hard to comment on these blogs, so you don't have to comment on this blog, if you read something I wrote, or saw a picture I shared that you like, and want to know or you want to share something with me, hit me up on Instagram or Facebook messenger, links below.
Peace and love to all!

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