A sad story...happened just before Christmas

***Photo by Kat Yukawa on Unsplash***

Do you know how sometimes something small happen, and it haunts you for a while until you forget about it, because you wish you had reacted differently by doing something more or said something, or anything other than what actually happened? A sad/sort of scary incident happened to me.

So I grew up in Guyana, South America, where even when you are home sleeping one ear is always listening, because it's common for thieves/robbers to break into your home and not only take your things, but also abuse and/or kill you. People from wealthy family are sometimes kidnapped and held for ransom, and never make it back home, when you leave home, you are always aware of whose taxi you are getting into, who is that on the street corner, who is around you, because purses and backpacks are easily snatched away, jewelry easily ripped off you. So that extra sense of heightened awareness, I don't know if it will ever leave me, but I did spend the first 19 years of my life in Guyana so even though I've been here in Canada for so long, I am still always looking over my shoulders. 

Well here is the story of what happened, it was just before Christmas, and we had to go to the bank which is in the mall, so I grabbed a bunch of coins out of my coin jar and stuffed it into my pockets to use for the kiddies ride at the mall for my toddler, so probably about $4-$5 in coins. When we got to the mall I took the coins out of my pocket and tossed it into the cup holder of my stroller. 

We went to the bank, but then decided to go visit my mom, so went straight back to the car and I completely forgot about the coins, so as my hubster took baby to wrestle him back into the car, I took the stroller around back to put in the trunk, and as I fold the stroller down coins went flying everywhere, kinda made some jingle bell sounds. So I thought to myself, I will put the stroller in the car first then pick it up, and as I turn to lift the stroller my peripheral vision saw a figure walking towards me and bending down, and once again I thought to myself, aww what a kind stranger helping me pick up my coins, so I was expecting to turn around and help them pick up the rest and they will hand over whatever they picked up. 

So I grabbed the rest of my bags, and as I turned around again to lock the trunk, I caught a glimpse of the man stooping over setting his pants over his shoes, and I caught a glimpse of his face, he had a face full of sorrow, and looked like someone who has had a very hard life. 

I closed the trunk and spun around again, but he was already walking away, and there wasn't even a penny left on the ground.

I stood there a bit speechless, and then suddenly got a bit scared because I have been robbed before, and here is  someone who knows I have cash on me, so I walked around quickly to where my hubster was, he was just closing the door on baby. we walked around to the other side of the car, and when we got in I told him what happened, he said the guy was probably praying for some spare change and his prayers just got answered. 

I feel so sad for the fellow, it must not have been an easy thing for him to do, part of me wish I had stopped him as he walked away and asked if he is okay. If he needed some more spare change or a meal. I don't know it will forever be an incident in my life that haunts me, can't get the sorrowful look on his face out of my mind.

What would you have done in this story? Does seeing sad souls make you sad too? Wishing I had more free time to volunteer, before my baby came along I was an avid volunteer, now I am lucky if I  get to have 10 mins of alone time.