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No travel for me in 2020.... but its for a good reason!

My goal this year is to have another little Nandkisseur added to the family. (Yep I did not take the hubster last name, not because I like to defy traditions, because I do, but because it's too much paperwork and also I love my last name.) So God willing if that happens anytime soon I will not be travelling anywhere this year, unless I can get there by car.

I know, I know its safe to travel by plane while pregnant and millions of people do. But it's just my personal preference. I have been through a lot in 2019 with loosing loved ones, and so if I do get pregnant I want to focus 100% on being healthy and have an easy as possible and stress free pregnancy

I was talking to a dear friend and she mentioned to me something I knew but had not really realized it as the truth until she said it. She said to me "Girl my heart aches for you, I don't know a time in your life when you have not been stressed out due to some family affairs" and I told her I know I should write…

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